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Some Brief (and uneven) Reviews


Summary: Saved! is a funny little film about teens at a christian high school, but it is ultimately forgettable. It's biting commentary established at the beginning of the film turns too melodramatic and too moralistic towards the end. However, there was one redeeming factor..Mandy Moore in a bitchy supporting turn.

** 1/2 out of ****

The Aviator

Summary: The Aviator is Martin Scorsese's Best Film since Goodfellas. He gives us such a maginifecent look into a part of Howard Hughes' "weird" life. The sets...the and above all..the acting was fantastic. The best film of the year!

**** out of ****

Maria Full of Grace

Summary: Maria Full of Grace is a small, touching film about a Colombian teen struggling with life in general ( She turns to a drug lord and becomes a mule, but soon after arriving in New York, she realizes she's in too deep. Fine acting, direction, and script!

*** 1/2 out of ****


Summary: Lars Von Trier's new controversy, Dogville, is tough to take in, but the acting..the screenplay...and the originality of it all is what makes this film. Nicole Kidman is deserving of an Oscar for her work as Grace.

*** out of ****

More coming soon!